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This Gallery is a Show-Window Connecting the Artist and Art-Lover Directly.

Showcase – 1

Stéphanie Arpels


About the Artist: Stephanie Arpels is an intense and sensitive artist, who has relied on colours as her medium of expression since her early years in Paris. She has made India her home and lives in Delhi. Her innate spirituality and inner quest has found resonance with India and in her art. An abstract artist, her canvases are much coveted. She has held several solos and participated in joint exhibitions in Delhi and Paris.

Artist’s Statement: Shades of white and beige and darker colours invade my canvases, translating the contrast of different worlds. White represents purity and taupe is a colour that travels through time. I feel it is timeless. Lastly, I use grey and black to illustrate my distress towards the unknown, the emptiness and death.


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