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India – Artist Stephanie Arpels solo show coming up at 1 AQ Art Gallery

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The solo show of works by French artist Stephanie Arpels is going to be hosted by 1 AQ Art Gallery from 12-22 March, 2020. The show titled ‘Women Passing Act II’ is a continuation in her series of art works, from the last solo exhibition in December 2019 at the Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Center. The show received many accolades for the artist, who has made her mark in the art scene in Delhi. To be able to put up another solo within three months is no mean feat, but Stephanie’s art has struck a chord. Art Collectors have noticed the potential and depth of her works.

Stephanie has travelled around India, and the impressions continue to be visible in the central theme of her artwork. Affirming this, Stephanie said, “India has profoundly influenced me, my purpose in life, my relationships, and the world around me.” Commenting on her continuation of the ‘Women Passing’ theme, Stephanie said, “This is my 4th solo exhibition in India, and yet again reflects the place of women in my world. For me, women remain an endless source of inspiration. I perceive her as always lead by and supported by her spirituality whether she is happy, lost, hurt, hopeful, or joyous.” Stephanie explains further, “Each new journey through India, the most recent one being to Jaisalmer, I again see my women in the middle of the immensity and vastness that I visualize, always remaining so radiant with the inner glow, illuminating the colours of their sarees”.

A sensitive artist, Stephanie Arpels is deeply affected by the events in her life. Her innate spirituality and inner quest has found resonance with India and in her art. “Paths with no end emerge in my canvases where women are squatting, walking, wandering, eluding, and vanishing. I am seeking to understand the paths we take after life. I imagine the unknown; I am looking for it. My personal experiences and those close to me, who have left us, inspire me to depict an unknown world where each of us will find our own new way. I purposely paint my landscapes white and black, colours that ideally translate the contrasts in life and in the paths we take. My own feelings and the spirituality of Indian women guide my work to ask myself where are we going after our life.”

The artist will be available at the Gallery for personal interactions.

Solo Art Exhibition by Stephanie Arpels
‘Women Passing Act II’
11 AM to 7 PM
12 -22 March, 2020 – (gallery closed on 16 March 2020)
1 AQ, Mehrauli,
(near Qutub Minar), New Delhi – 110030

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