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Book Review : TARA – A woman’s journey from Fear through Faith to Freedom

New Delhi, India

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Title: TARA – A woman’s journey from Fear through Faith to Freedom
Vibha Gurtu
Genre: Self-help
Publisher: Independently published
Price: Paperback-Rs 288;  Kindle-free
Available on: Amazon.in
Pages: 225
Review by: Mitsu Soin

As I started reading this book by Vibha, I found myself reflecting on my own life and some of the choices that I have made. And this is highly unusual for me. This is the chief strength of Tara, the book. Vibha has used her experiences as an intuitive healer and melded them into the experiences of Tara, the protagonist. The author has a strong faith in mysticism and spirituality. Tara too uses this path to attain her spiritual nirvana. However, faith in divinity and higher spiritual guidance is not a prerequisite to appreciating the book. The solution to problems, situations and toxicity in life lies in taking control of one’s circumstances through an understanding of them and of one’s own strength.

Vibha Gurtu is a spiritual healer, image consultant, author. She is a practitioner and a facilitator of Shamanism and an intuitive healer. For more than fifteen years she has empowered many individuals to realise their true potential to lead a fulfilling life through her personal sessions as well as workshops.

This is a book that is meant to be savoured slowly. It describes a journey of self-discovery and invites the reader to examine their own journey of life’s experiences.  Tara is stuck in the web of her choices until she discovers the true meaning of life for her.

The book’s characters and events are entirely black and white with no shades of grey. They come and go as required by the narrative with little or no explanation.  This appears to be deliberate because eventually Tara finds her personal grey space and learns to accept it, albeit using perceived divine blessings as her crutch to do so.

The language used is excellent and descriptions, particularly of the turmoil faced by Tara, are evocative. What is missing in the book for me is humanness. Even Tara is only a medium for examining her spiritual journey without feelings of love and concern, for even her children. They are simply props in the plot. And I do wish she did not need to replace one man with another in order to be free.

Read the book and discover your personal journey by following Tara’s. It makes the reader introspect and therein lies the success of the author.










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Vibha 7 March 2023 - 09:45

Thankyou for reading and Reviewing the book.


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