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England – Coronation fever grips London, Hotels organize ‘King’s Tipple Tea’


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The archaic customs are being celebrated with some fanfare in England, where the 73 year old King Charles III is going to be officially coronated on May 6th, 2023 after practically a lifetime of waiting. This is all just fun & games at tax-payers expense, when the costume drama will unfold, giving an opportunity for local businesses to make the most of it with related mementos, printed T-shirs, mugs, keychains, and such like.


Chelsea Harbour Hotel

Chelsea Harbor Hotel












In the same spirit, several hotels have created special menus with the King’s Tipple. The Chelsea Harbour Hotel has launched the King’s Tipple Afternoon Tea. The special edition Coronation menu is available from April 29th until May 11th. Expect to find mini–Classic Coronation cocktail aperitif or a glass of fizz, sandwiches of smoked salmon with creamed horseradish on beetroot bread; cucumber and mint cream cheese on brown bread; coronation chicken, toasted almonds on mini brioche roll; egg mayonnaise on basil bread and ham with whole grain mustard on white bread.  Of course, they also have freshly baked scones with clotted cream.

Did we forget to mention berry and fig tart, spring berry anglaise, berries and figs, Choux Au Craquelin Valhrona – chocolate and pistachio; lemon Verbena cake, semolina cake with passion fruit curd, blueberry cheesecake and Turkish delight macaron?

The view of the harbor is a permanent feature located as it is on the banks of the river Thames.

Cost –
Traditional Afternoon Tea – £35,
Coronations Tipple Tea – £40 Served with a Classic Coronation cocktail aperitif,
Cream Tea – £18



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