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India – Glenmorangie Single Malt is a great gift for the Diwali season

The gifting season starts early in India, with the festival of Diwali. A very handy option is the eye-catching gift box that opens to reveal a 75cl bottle of Glenmorangie Original complete with two bespoke tumblers.

The signature expression of Glenmorangie, the Original is a ten- year-old single malt, with key flavour notes of citrus, vanilla and almond.  The gift box is inspired by Glenmorangie’s tallest stills in the heart of the distillery where simple raw ingredients are transformed into a spirit of rare finesse and subtlety. The bright orange box showcases the long, elegant swan necks of the Glenmorangie stills which ensure only the lightest and purest vapours ascend to the top and condense into spirit.  With all harsh flavours removed from the distillate before maturation, this gives our spirit its deliciously balanced, delicate nature and its undeniably alluring complexity.

The Glenmorangie Diwali gift box is available at across all leading wine stores and duty free outlets across Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and is priced at INR 6900, INR 5000 and INR 7700 respectively.

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