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Italy – Gucci’s stunning ad campaign for Spring Summer 2018 to roll out in Jan

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Gucci’s ad campaigns for each season are always captivating and fresh, and much of the credit goes to the creative director Alessandro Michele, who connects with the millenials and yet references the old and classic. For its next Spring Summer 2018 collection, Gucci’s advertising campaign features the work of Spanish artist and illustrator Ignasi Monreal.

gucci stunning ad campaign

Interestingly, the beautiful artwork he has created inspired by real paintings is created not with real paints and brush but digital painting on his computer or tablet.


The surreal imagery inspired by real life art, such as the Ophelia by John Everett Millais, which hangs in the Museodel Prado in Madrid, is an art fantasy.


The images evoke a ‘Utopian Fantasy’ and the striking imagery focuses on the three elements of earth, sea and sky.The vivid photorealist artworks invite us to enter a magical and uncanny world, viewed through a surreal and heightened sensual lens.


Ignasi Monreal’s digital paintings are full of surprising detail and he emphasizes fantastical features to create haunting characters that inhabit the mythical universe conjured from his remarkable imagination.


It is into this context that Gucci’s new products are placed, becoming part of an extraordinary, highly visual narrative.The Gucci Spring Summer 2018 advertising campaign will roll out as of January 2018.

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