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India – Küche7’s first Delhi Experience Center brings Stainless Steel Kitchens and Wardrobes

Mumbai / New Delhi,

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The Mumbai-based  maker of luxury stainless steel kitchens, wardrobes and vanity units Küche7 has launched its first experience center in New Delhi’s MG Road, that showcases an impressive range of finishes in stainless steel. This is the brand’s 21st store.

Küche7 Dehil Experience Center

The luxury kitchen segment is overcrowded with European brands of every category setting up shop in India. So, it was heartening to familiarize oneself with a home-grown brand Küche7 that is already a prominent market leader of luxury stainless steel kitchens, wardrobes and vanity units. Their exquisite range of modular designs are as functional as they are stylish.

Küche7 Dehil Experience Center

Küche7 Dehil Experience Center

Küche7’s signature material is stainless steel, which is durable and sustainable, and comes with many practical benefits. It is pest-free and weather-resistant, allowing the products to retain their freshness for a lifetime. And there are over 20 thousand options in colours and finishes. Equipped with an active manufacturing unit with a capacity to produce 600 kitchens per month, Küche7 meets growing demands with ease.  As per information received, a special R&D team aids in the innovation process, enhancing the performance and quality standards of its products, while dedicated experts working closely on quality checks ensure flawless solutions.

The 2,500 sq ft Küche7’s new experience center in Delhi is designed by the interior design firm Azure Design from Raipur, showcasing the brand’s range of products in its actual setting.  Sleek design, functional layout and space-saving features are the hallmark of Küche7 wardrobes. Contemporary pocketing doors that tuck away neatly displaying the well-organized interiors, sophisticated handles and surfaces are the highpoints. Plenty of hooks, shelves and drawers allow the storing and organizing of garments, accessories and shoes a breeze. The interiors are meticulously designed to make sure everything has its designated spot. The units feature a good amount of cabinetry, and appear like showpieces, that transform even the most inert spaces. Küche7’s expertise in curved kitchen designs is on display at the Delhi center. Every Küche7 kitchen comes with a lifetime warranty.

Naeem Chauhan- Managing Director, Kuche7

Küche7 was conceived by Naeem Chauhan, with his vision to transform the Indian kitchen industry and give it a new direction employing the versatile stainless steel. He set up the brand with partners in 2016, with a clear understanding of what the contemporary Indian homes were missing. He successfully created world-class modular kitchens made of the most sustainable, low-maintenance material and 304 food grade stainless steel that also yielded itself to highly stylish designs. The self-healing metal is a sustainable material with a great resale value, is recyclable, low-maintenance, and is the best answer to the challenges of damage by moisture, fungus, pests, etc, posed by other materials. Weather-proof, noise-resistant and hygienic, stainless steel has become the signature material of Küche7. Today, Küche7 has emerged as the pioneer in India in luxury stainless steel kitchens, vanity units and wardrobes and already clocked over 3 lakh kitchen projects.

Where –
Kuche7 – GF- 02, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road, Opp. Metro Pillar No 47. New Manglapuri, Nearest Metro Station Sultanpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110030.

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