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 Italy / China – ZEGNA brings the new “VILLA ZEGNA” experience to Shanghai


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The Italian luxury fashion label ZEGNA created a unique experience for its patrons in Shanghai, by recreating ‘Villa Zegna’, and invited guests to embark on a multi-sensory exploration of the world of ZEGNA. In the vibrant heart of the city of Shanghai, and nestled in the bustling neighborhood of Middle Huaihai Road, a real oasis of linen – inspired by the Spring Summer 2024 ZEGNA show set – spread inside a building that has been transformed in “VILLA ZEGNA” for the occasion. For just one week, and by invitation only, a unique experience far beyond product.

Villa Zegna is inspired by the original house of the founder Ermenegildo Zegna in Oasi Zegna, the 100 sqkm natural territory in the Biellese Alps, Piedmont, Italy.  Established in 1993, its roots date back to the 1930s when entrepreneur Ermenegildo Zegna, promoted the reforestation of the area. He planted more than half a million trees and built a panoramic road connecting the two sides of the mountain landscape in the area where Oasi Zegna stands today.

“VILLA ZEGNA” reflects ZEGNA’s new approach of interacting with its customers, offering them immersive experiences that foster emotional connections to the brand. The one-week event provided unprecedented access to the vision of Ermenegildo Zegna.

The brand’s manifesto – “THE SECOND-BEST THING WE DO IS CLOTHING. THE FIRST IS OASI ZEGNA” – was presented on the launch of the ‘Born in Oasi Zegna’ book during Milan Design Week in April. The manifesto attests to how Oasi Zegna is not merely a place, but a mindset, which is expanding globally. As the home of ZEGNA’s values, Oasi Zegna is a unique model of social and environmental awareness that has defined the brand’s path for more than 100 years.

Stemming from this vision, “VILLA ZEGNA” was born as a global concept that will travel to different markets, allowing the brand to share its story in a distinctive way and add new layers with each chapter. First stop: Shanghai.

“VILLA ZEGNA” in Shanghai consists of three floors. Guests are taken on a journey through the oasis of linen before arriving at the floor dedicated to products and creativity of the garments. The dream of nature is presented within a metropolitan context: clients will be able to take refuge from the city in a field of flax that celebrates Oasi Lino, the fully traceable ZEGNA fiber and star of the brand’s summer collections. As a global leader in fine fabric production, ZEGNA has spent generations creating some of the most exquisite materials in Italy. This legacy sets the foundation for its Road to Traceability, with ZEGNA committed to certifying its Oasi Lino fibers as fully traceable from 2024.

On the top floor, a dedicated space has been turned into a unique and relaxing private lounge, where select clients can experience a tailor-made shopping session with exclusive products that are not available in the usual retail network. This new one-to-one approach provides the opportunity to the customer to immerse themselves in the realm of top luxury.

Following the opening of the first ZEGNA Caffè Worldwide in Shanghai Taikoo Hui, the ZEGNA Caffè pop-up awaits guests for a moment of relaxation. A groundbreaking venture that unites sustainability with innovation, it transcends the typical cafè experience with a harmonious fusion of nature and a forward-thinking mindset. The cafè logo pays homage to ZEGNA’s iconic 232 Road Brand Mark, representing the brand’s legacy and its Road to Tomorrow.

During the week, ZEGNA hosted exclusive dinners to bring together the brand’s closest friends, including its Global Ambassadors – Mads Mikkelsen and Wu Lei, opinion leaders, innovators, celebrities, top customers, tastemakers and press to celebrate “VILLA ZEGNA” in Shanghai and the new Spring Summer 2024 Oasi Lino campaign.

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