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Italy – Halle Bailey, Hanni, Julia Garner star in New Gucci Horsebit 1955 Campaign


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Halle Bailey

The Horsebit 1955, an icon of the House distinguished by an archival equestrian emblem, the double ring and bar, is captured in a new campaign shot by Mert&Marcus and features Halle Bailey, Hanni, and Julia Garner—three exceptional women who are creating meaningful spaces within their respective crafts.

Singer-songwriter and actress Halle Bailey is set to star in the highly anticipated live-action Disney film ‘The Little Mermaid,’  and Global Brand Ambassador Hanni is a member of the global chart-topping Korean group NewJeans, and Julia Garner is a critically-acclaimed, award-winning actress and one of the faces of Gucci Guilty. The distinctive personas of these three artists come to the fore in intimate portraits set against brightly-colored backdrops as each protagonist makes the Horsebit 1955 her own, spotlighting the handbag through dynamic poses and vibrant energy.


Julia Garner











The campaign echoes the essential yet timeless spirit of the Horsebit 1955, whose double ring and bar is a variation of the one first introduced on a signature loafer precisely 70 years ago. The archival reprisal has come to represent tradition, time-honed craftsmanship, and the House’s ability to draw emblematic silhouettes into the present through an ever-contemporary lens.

Gucci has long drawn inspiration from the world of horse riding, which was considered a popular hobby amongst the House’s clientele throughout its beginnings. This connection is now immortalized within the ‘mythology’ of Gucci through the presence of several elements, including the Horsebit, which first appeared on a pair of what would become the House’s signature loafers in 1953. Since then, the emblem has been reimagined in diverse forms and variations, defining a range of accessories as well as prints.

As one of the House’s signature handbag collections, the Horsebit 1955 bridges eras through the story it tells and the elegant strength of its design—a testament to the exceptional materials and craftsmanship that have always distinguished the brand. The offering includes various silhouettes from the original rectangular top-flap shoulder bag with an adjustable strap to a dome-shaped top-handle silhouette. Progressing the styling possibilities of the bag, the Horsebit 1955 is available in a wide range of sizes, colors, and materials including leather, precious leather, and GG canvas among others.


Photographers & Directors: Mert & Marcus
Make up: Thomas De Kluyver
Hair: Paul Hanlon





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