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India-L’Opéra Introduces CISK 0.0 Alcohol-Free Beer from Malta

Delhi, NCR

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(L-R) Laurent Samandari, Kazem Samandari, H.E. Reuben Gauci and Sahil Tandon,

The Delhi based French Salon de Thé and Café Restaurant L’Opéra has introduced the CISK 0.0, Non-Alcoholic Lager imported from Malta in all its outlets across Delhi NCR. The launch was announced at an event held at L’Opera’s Salon de Thé at GK2 Main Market. Notably in attendance to mark the occasion was the presence of H.E. Reuben Gauci High Commissioner of Republic of Malta, Sahil Tandon, Import Director of A & Z Exports International and the Founding Family of L’Opera Laurent Samandari CEO and Co-Founder, Kazem Samandari, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder, along with a selected number of guests.












In his remarks, H. E. Reuben Gauci drew the attention of the audience to the fact that “CISK Beer is an expertly brewed and packaged drink in Malta since 1929” and continued by stating “I am thrilled that this national treasure and the pride of the Maltese Islands is now available in India and at L’Opéra outlets”. Continuing in the same line, Kazem Samandari, Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of L’Opéra added, “We are delighted by this collaboration, which brings one of the finest products of Malta to our valued customers and patrons in India”. He further added, “Bringing different cultures and peoples together through a culinary experience is what L’Opéra has always stood for”.

CISK 0.0 Alcohol-Free Beer, 100% Flavour and 0% Alcohol, was only recently introduced in 2021. It is fermented with the same ingredients as a CISK Lager but later is stripped off all its alcoholic content. Hence, one gets to enjoy the same malty and fruity finish without the presence of any alcohol. One can happily drink this during office hours, before driving or in the evening with family and friends.

Sahil Tandon, Director of A&Z Exports International Group, the importer of the beer in India, equally present at the event, stated that “We are very happy to see L’Opéra, the foremost and authentic French Bakery, Pastry and Salon de Thé in India carry this unique product and offer it in all its outlets to its customers”.

About the Company
L’Opéra, an authentic Pastry & Bakery house, Salon de Thé and Café Restaurant, specializing in French products in India since its inception.  L’Opéra is the brainchild of Frenchman Laurent Samandari, who envisioned the demand for authentic, high-quality French bakery & pastry products while on an internship in India. Later, Laurent’s parents, Kazem & Christine Samandari also joined him to help make his vision a reality. The family is actively involved in running the business & maintaining the high standards of service and excellence that it has set for itself.

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