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Not So Futile After All Prof Nystrom, Admit It

Paul Nystrom disdained consumerism calling it a malaise stemming from monotony, ‘seeking gratification found in frivolous things, such as fashionable apparel and goods’. That was the year 1928. Nearly 86 years later, his ‘philosophy of futility’ is driving the economies of the world. Fashion is the new Passion. We renew, replenish, upgrade, experiment, newer – faster – better, and all over again; new mega economies, more wealth. Luxury segment has been stratified, quartered and served up to all masses and classes.

Riding on the wave of increased consumerism, India’s luxury market grew at 30% last year touching US$8.5bil. Projections for 2016 are at US$14bil. The number of HNIs and UHNIs has multiplied, spilling beyond metros into little towns. We are exploring new frontiers in frivolity. And we have the moolah. We bring you a Maserati embellished by Zegna; luxury sports car from BMW for Indian roads; a wild jewellery designer, fashion designers gone global – the new India is happening, taking affirmations from its ultra rich past.

We love our luxuries and we are deeply spiritual about it.

Neelima Agrawal


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