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India – Pashma launches men’s wear label Bali Ha’i

label-baliPashma, the well-known multinational brand for scarves and shawls, has launched a new line of leisurewear for men under the Bali Ha’I label. The new collection comprises shirts and t-shirts in a wide range of exuberant prints and vibrant colors, conceived to be worn after work. These bespoke shirts are made of milled fabrics made from blends of supima cotton, linen and silk, in prints and colors inspired by elements of nature, such as the tropical forest, cascading waves by the beach or the frolicking rays of the sun.


Reasonably priced between INR 1800-3500, the collection is targeted for men of all ages and an exceptionally diverse range of sizes and body types. It particularly offers novelty to men who seek exciting options in leisure wear beyond generic shirts and polos. Bali Ha’i is currently retailing through its recently opened boutique at Phoenix Market City, Kurla and through its dedicated concession at Takashimaya, Singapore.



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