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Showcase – 2

Shibani Vaishali Rajapurkar


About the Artist: The Mumbai born Vaishali Rajapurkar waited to finish her formal education with a BA in Psychology, before indulging her creative side. Upgrading her painting skills with formal training, she also trained under various renowned artists. Vaishali has been painting professionally for the last 18 years. She is the proprietor of an art gallery in Pune called Paint Box Art Gallery, where she teaches art and conducts other art related activities and workshops such as art appreciation, Tanjore painting, pottery, and so on. She is also an associate at Art Lane. She has participated in nineteen group shows in Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, London, Goa, Bangalore, Jaipur; and nine solo shows. She is the recipient of several awards as an artist.

Artist’s Statement:

My inspiration comes from all things around me, and my life experiences. For me, the journey of creation is an emotional experience and can be cathartic as well as meditative.

After having completed my diploma in fine art, the actual learning began under the guidance of some of the most talented artists, where I learnt to handle different mediums and techniques.

I consider myself an eternal student and the journey  towards acquiring knowledge continues.


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