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India – Diageo Reserve World Class brings ‘The Art of Mixology’ to New Delhi

Did you know that Mixology is a fine art that is derived from a fine understanding of the physiology of the palate and the science of aroma molecules, not taking into account the ways of the human mind? I did not.

Interacting with Zbigniew Zapert, Reserve Brand Ambassador, changed my views. But now that I do know, from having attended the bespoke evening hosted by Diageo Reserve World Class, to celebrate the World’s Best Drinks curated by Delhi’s Top Bartenders – Dilbar Singh Ravat (Blue Bar, Taj Palace), Aman Dua (Farzi Café) and Rahul Chettri (ATM), who took guests on a delightful flavour trail as they showcased their signature cocktails, RESPECT guys.

Shades of pink, neon Ombré and zesty flavours; the Art of Mixology is much more than just that! Mixology has seen its fair share of evolution here with global cocktail trends leading the path and a suave brigade of thriving bartenders exhibiting their creative best. Zbigniew Zapert, Reserve Brand Ambassador hosted this session along with the World Class Delhi finalists and highlighted the current trends in mixology that is sure to ‘Raise the Bar’ for fine drinking culture in India.

The Diageo Reserve World Class competition is the industry’s biggest and most prestigious bartending competition that has been transforming fine drinking experiences and cocktail culture around the world. This unique platform nurtures the potential talent of local bartenders and enables them with the right knowledge. In the past, it has successfully helped local talent emerge as influencers and creators of fine drinking experiences the world over

Now in its seventh edition, Diageo Reserve World Class will see bartenders competing for the title of the India Bartender of the Year of Diageo Reserve World Class 2015, where the winner will be announced on 25th June in Mumbai. Some of Delhi’s finest will compete as the Top 20 at the National Finals. The finalist will ultimately represent India to take on the world’s best bartenders at Diageo’s seventh annual Global Diageo World Class Competition to be held in Cape Town, South Africa, in September 2015.

About World Class

Diageo Reserve World Class aims to nurture the potential talent of local bartenders and enable them with the right knowledge. In the past, it has successfully helped local talent emerge as influencers and creators of fine drinking experiences the world over. Diageo Reserve World Class – the industry’s biggest and most prestigious bartending competition –for its seventh edition offered a gamut of luxury spirits from the Diageo Reserve portfolio namely Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve, Johnnie Walker Platinum Label 18, CÎROC, Grand Marnier and the Singletonof Glen Ord 12YO.

The all-India regional rounds were conducted in 9 cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad and Kolkata.

About Diageo Reserve World Class

The industry’s largest, most credible investment in the luxury on trade, it discovers the next generation of bartending talent who set the latest mixology trends and bring these to the best bars worldwide. At the core is an outstanding, global training program and internationally recognized platform that elevates the craft of the bartender and builds careers in the industry culminating in an annual luxury landmark week where the Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year is announced. Launched in 2009, over 15,000 bartenders have been inspired and educated in the craft of mixology using the finest spirits in the Diageo Reserve collection. A partnership and collaboration with gurus, media, partners and owners, Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS is widely recognized as a mark of sophistication and distinction of international fine drinking culture by bartenders and customers alike.

The Diageo Bar Academy Program reinforces the company’s commitment to the bartending community. Since launching the program in 2006, more than 5,500 training sessions have been hosted with over 55,000 bartenders trained. The acclaimed program takes an innovative and fresh approach to training, offering interactive and informative sessions led by the industry’s best.

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