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India – Tata’s jewellery brand ZOYA opens store in Bengaluru

With the opening of the markets in Bengaluru after the prolonged lockdown due to pandemic, ZOYA, the diamond boutique from House of Tata commemorated its decade with the opening of its first store in Bengaluru, on Vittal Mallaya Street. The contemporary interiors of the new boutique echo its Delhi Flagship style, with white and ivory shades and the Klove chandelier. The store has all the requisite independent zones for private viewing, designer area etc. The luxury brand Zoya, from the House of Tata was founded in 2010, making its mark with its contemporary lines of diamond jewellery with exquisite artisanship and designs inspired by European history, under the keen guidance of their chief designer Sangeeta Dewan.

This may not be the right time to launch a jewellery store, given the current economic scenario globally. But Zoya has been brave to move ahead with its earlier plans, and hopes to make its mark. With the backing of the House of Tatas, the brand will be able to endure the pain and stand up to the challenge. We wish Zoya a new season of success.



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