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India – Zoya unveils latest ‘Musee Du Luxe’ jewellery collection

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musee-du-luxeThe premium jewellery brand from the House of Tata – Zoya, has a brand new line of diamond jewellery, ‘Musee Du Luxe’ – Museum of Luxury. The creative designers have taken inspiration from the architecture of Paris, where elements of the heritage structures are played out in this collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. For instance, the padlocks on the Pont des Arts Bridge that signify the promise of eternal love, are the design element in the layered necklace studded with brilliant cut diamonds set on three gold tubes and three emeralds in different shapes. There are also the matching dangler earrings. Other influences include the French Opera, ballet, and symbolic structures like Eiffel Tower. Check out this ruby red ballerina on a pendant, the exotic peony flower set with rubies.

More information on Zoya’s new collection is that these pieces are crafted with international jewellery making techniques, using the latest technology, sculpted in gold with the finest diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls.Each piece takes 9 months from the concept to design to finally get the collection in place.


Speaking on the collection, Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head, Zoya, says, “Carrying forward Zoya’s commitment to design and craftsmanship, we have found inspiration in rich Indian and international history and iconic cities for our collections. Diamonds are Musee Du Luxe, which epitomizes French chic and finesse. The muse for this collection is the Zoya woman who enjoys her ‘me time’ in Paris walking through its quaint lanes and reconnoitering its cafes and art.”


Sangeeta Dewan, Principal Designer, Zoya shares, “Paris is an eternal inspiration for a designer. My personal memories of iconic art and architecture like the cubism movement and the works of Picasso, inspire this collection of precious art and underscores Paris’ position as the most romantic city in the world. The flavours and the flowers of Paris add to the charm of the city lending colour and zest to our collection.”

Available at the Zoya boutiques in Mumbai and New Delhi.

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