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Who We Are

The Luxury Chronicle is a lifestyle digital magazine, published by BAU Publishing.

Our Mission

We report about every facet of luxury – the exclusive and rare, the exotic and elusive, that which requires a king’s ransom to acquire, and that which no money can buy. Exploring and reporting the realms of the experiences and emotions that define luxury – an authentic cuisine evolved across generations, simple destinations off the grid, complex journeys, an insightful short film by no one famous, music and musicians, art galleries and artists, and some more. We feature here all that which fits within our percept of luxury, the best products and services available in the world that money can buy, as well as that which is priceless.

Our Founder

Neelima Agrawal is the Founder and Chief Editor of The Luxury Chronicle. She is also the Managing Director of BAU Publishing.

Our Contributing Writers

neelima-agrawalNeelima Agrawal
meherMeher Castelino

estelleEstel Arriel Buchet
Suman Tarafdar
New Delhi

Nikita Das
New Delhi
Anandarup Dutta
gunit-gogiaGunit Gogia
United Kingdom(UK)
sagarSagar Agrawal
New Delhi
saurav-sSaurabh A
Anurag Bharadwaj


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