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What A Luxury Traveller Wants

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The clues to what exactly a sophisticated traveller is looking for when planning a vacation could be found in Dante Aligieri’s 13th century epic poem ‘Divina Commedia’. And that is ‘L’esperienza de questa dolce vita’ -The experience of this sweet life. Affirming that luxury is experiential, it is no more about just a hotel or a restaurant with many star ratings. That would be a given. The convenience, comfort and speed of travel too fall in that category. Beyond that, the luxury is about that destination, yet exclusive and pristine, offering enough to engage and rejuvenate the mind and body – authentic and with a deep heritage. The challenge lies in finding such places – knowing about where to look, who to trust in providing that information accurately.

We travelled to Italy’s north-eastern province of Vicenza and discovered just such a destination. We bring for you a series of features on the various towns in this region, about its famous wines, and more.

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