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Italy / India – Panerai Unveils New Boutique at Jio World Plaza, Mumbai

Panerai inaugurates a new boutique at Jio World Plaza. Located in Mumbai's largest luxury mall, the 60 sqm Panerai Jio World Plaza boutique space is the first in India to introduce the brand’s latest signature design concept.

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Panerai Boutique at Jio World Plaza Mumbai

It needs to be mentioned that the initiative by Jio World Plaza to ensure that name of the foreign brand is also written in the Devnagari script is very sensible, as it ensures the name is pronounced correctly. The lack of appropriate phonetic alphabets in English language are a huge limitation. Note the signage of the two recent stores, Gucci and Schaffhausen stores at same venue.

The Panerai store is designed to reflect its aesthetic and atmosphere; an embodiment of the brand’s centre pillars: Italianity, the world of the sea and technicity. The bold Panerai logo, expansive, transparent windows on the outside invite passers to glimpse inside the Panerai Watchmaker’s world.

The interiors have the iconic luminescent clock, retro illuminated to recall the Super-Luminova® fluorescence, a shared feature in all Panerai watches. This fully operational timepiece is strategically placed for elevated visibility. A harmonious blend of concrete finish, marble-effect flooring, wood veneer and metal grids contribute to the boutique’s contemporary aesthetic. The use of blue to symbolize the sea and the numerous marine-inspired elements and details are expressions of the brand’s integral connection with the underwater and diving world.

The layout is designed to narrate the brand’s story, accompanying customers through the different collections of the Panerai universe – the boutique houses timepieces from all Panerai’s collections – Luminor, Luminor Due, Radiomir and Submersible. While Luminor – with its emblematic, patented crown-protecting device – represents the essence of Panerai, Luminor Due – with its thinner case – is the most versatile amongst the brand’s creations. The Radiomir, on the other hand, is all about Panerai legendary history and, with its refined and vintage details, is the most classic line. The Submersible, finally, captures the brand’s natural playground, the World of the Sea, with its diving watches developed for Modern Heroes.

Bar Italiano_Panerai Boutique at Jio World Plaza Mumbai

An experience exclusively available at the Jio World Plaza boutique in India, is the Bar Italiano. The space not only functions as a café, but also pays homage to the coffee tradition, inviting customers to savour in a convivial setting. The blend of rich flavours with the tactile exploration of Panerai’s products creates a multi-sensory shopping experience.

Officine Panerai is not the owner of the Super-Luminova® trademark.

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