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India – Zoya’s new line of timeless jewelry celebrates self-love

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Zoya, from the House of TATA’s “A Love Affair with Yourself”, presents rare symbols of self-love that are a timeless celebration of the Zoya woman. Zoya’s muse is a strong woman of good taste, unafraid to make her choices, about her life, as well as in buying jewellery for herself. “The author of her own fairy-tale and the heroine of her own rhyme.”

Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head of Zoya, says, “Zoya has always endorsed the meaningful connection of jewellery with the woman who wears it. Every design narrative unfurls a powerful parable of awakening her elemental feminine and becomes a talisman of self-acceptance and gesture of self-love. With this campaign, Zoya raises an ode to the most enduring love affair of all — the one that a woman shares with herself.”

The highest standards of craftsmanship serve as the cornerstone of each creation in the atelier, as also in this special line.

A Link to the Cosmos: A pink amethyst inspired by platonic solids sits atop a diamond studded ring. Clasping the ring from both sides are long elliptical orbits made of stunning rose gold. An ocean of feminine energy and potential finds its wings in the ‘Aeterna’ collection which seeks inspiration from the ‘Flower of Life’.

Eternal Secret of Life: Sacred symbols of creation converge in this timeless piece. A custom cut pink amethyst holds the flower of life as it blooms eternally in rose gold while clear baguette diamonds form the ancient Vesica Piscis, in an elegant conclusion to the bangle.

Refractions of the Infinite: A revelation of design and craftsmanship, this elegant string necklace holds the golden symbol of the flower of life, carefully crafted behind a custom-cut pink amethyst in rose gold. Brilliant cut diamonds lace the edge of the vesica piscis on the precipice of a fractal, creating an everlasting symmetry.

My Embrace Bangle : 1 Diamond: An iconic symbol of self acceptance. Simple, yet significant, My Embrace celebrates all of you in your entirety. A seamless union of two precious metals come together, effortlessly translating the happiness when you embrace yourself just as you are.

Scarlet Macaw Necklace: As vibrant as the plumes of the scarlet macaw her strength blooms in every hue captivating all those who set their eyes on her brilliance. This elegant pendant features a turquoise stone with rows of sapphires, rubies and diamonds in shifting hues that capture the grace of a Scarlet Macaw’s feathers.

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