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Ahead of the Curve: Decor Items for a Dopamine-Boosting Home Aesthetic

Inputs by Dhara Shroff, Promoter and Head of Retail and Reema Shah, Promoter and Head of Creative, Opulin by Sources Unlimited.

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Rometti available at Opulin

The pursuit of happiness is a fluid concept and more often than not is not constant. If reading a certain book on a given day boosts your mood, there are chances the next day you’ll seek something new to release the “happy” hormone. In more scientific terms, it’s a Dopamine boost that we often look for. According to several health portals, “Dopamine is a neurotransmitter made in your brain. It plays a role as a “reward centre” and in many body functions, including memory, movement, motivation, mood, attention and more.”

No wonder then that Dopamine boosting home aesthetic is becoming the next best thing in the home decor spectrum. For obvious reasons – walking into a home to decor items that boost your mood and ultimately your dopamine might be one of the easiest ways to find happiness in daily mundanity.

In the pursuit of creating spaces that inspire joy, the integration of dopamine-boosting aesthetic elements into home decor has gained prominence. Vibrant decor pieces serve as the foundation of this endeavour, injecting vitality and personality into living spaces.


Fornasetti available at Opulin

Walls resonate with the mood of the homeowners so making them cheery and bright might be the perfect dopamine boost you require. Colourful paintings and wall decor elements further enhance the ambiance, adding depth and dimension to walls while encouraging positive emotions. Bright and cosy textiles play a crucial role in fostering comfort and warmth, enhancing relaxation and peace. Complemented by ambient lighting, together these elements create a soothing atmosphere to unwind after a long day. Choosing a vibrant wallpaper or covering your wall with a bright rug will bring in cheer and also showcase your design aesthetic.


Boss available at Opulin


Playful accent pieces and patterns add a touch of whimsy and personality to any space, encouraging self-expression and creativity. From quirky sculptures to geometric prints, these elements inject a sense of fun and leisure into the home. Picture a room where every nook and cranny has a quirky sculpture or a burst of geometric prints, each piece meticulously curated. Apart from bringing in cheer to spaces, these accents infuse the space with a unique personality. Whether it’s a cheeky sculpture that sparks a smile or dynamic geometric patterns that invite visual exploration, these elements create a sensory playground that engages and uplifts.

Jonathan Adler available at Opulin


Open shelving provides an ideal canvas for dopamine decor enthusiasts. With ample room for quirky elements, playful trinkets, and eye-catching statement pieces, it’s a great space to elevate your mood. Think brightly coloured vases of cheerful flowers on these shelves, accompanied by an assortment of plants. You can choose your pièce de résistance on these shelves – vibrant coffee mugs or a coffee bar. It’s all about things that give you an instant energy boost.

Jonathan Adler available at Opulin – Dora Maar Vase Collection

Utopia and Utility available at Opulin


Fragrances have the magical ability to envelop us in a soothing embrace, elevating our spirits, calming the ceaseless chatter of the mind, and weaving an ambiance steeped in pure harmony. Imagine a space perfectly imbued with the right fragrances – it’s like stepping into a luxurious cocoon. In this olfactory haven, each fragrance note dances in the air, creating a symphony of sensory delight that transcends the ordinary and transports you to a zen-like space.

Utopia and Utility available at Opulin

Utopia and Utility available at Opulin

Jonathan Adler available at Opulin


Crafting a nostalgia wall within your decor scheme is taking a peek into your fondest memories daily. It becomes a haven for dopamine-boosting decor, each item a portal to a time filled with warmth and joy. Picture framed photographs capturing moments frozen in time, vintage postcards, or even a collection of memorabilia.



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