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Who can tell us about the upcoming trends in Luxury Lighting?

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The decorative light segment has become the mainstay on the design map of any interior designer. There have been constant upgrades in technology and design innovations that has scaled up the functionality and utility factor along with the decorative value. India is in step with the global trends, with increased demands for bespoke lighting for large public architectural projects as well as luxury residences. The market is crowded with virtually every global and home grown brand addressing the bespoke need.

We emailed a few questions to Martin Chab, Founder and CEO of Sans Souci of Czech Republic, and elicited these answers. Founded in 2005, this Bohemian brand’s lighting installations are said to adorn some of the world’s most luxurious spaces. Antilla, the residence of the Ambani family in Mumbai is one such.

Martin Chab, Founder and CEO of Sans Souci.

How has the decorative lighting industry evolved in the last few years with respect to bespoke lighting?

The journey of bespoke decorative lighting has been a fascinating one, especially in India. In a country where electricity was a luxury, and accessible to a select few, the landscape has changed. Technology has seeped into every realm of lighting, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. With the help of sophisticated technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting, and computer-aided design (CAD), designers can create stunning masterpieces redefining spaces like never before. Digital tools enable designers and clients to collaborate seamlessly, simplifying the design process and guaranteeing that the end product aligns precisely with the client’s requirements.

What are the upcoming trends in luxury lighting?

Technology, including smart technology, has enhanced the spectrum of luxury lighting with features like controlling lights remotely via smartphones or voice commands and integration with home automation systems. These advances allow for seamless control and customization of lighting settings. As well as cutting-edge technology, high-end lighting designers are offering bespoke services to customise and personalise lights according to individual tastes and interior design aesthetics. Looking to the future, luxury lighting fixtures will continue to be more intricate and artistic and will continue to push the boundaries of artistic expression with designers creating sculptural pieces that serve as both functional lighting sources and works of art. These designs combine the best in premium materials, intricate craftsmanship, and avant-garde aesthetics.

How do the global trends affect the design philosophy of Sans Souci?

Our competitive edge lies in our speed and efficiency in delivering exceptional pieces, from the initial design stage to the final product reaching our clients. By actively generating fresh and innovative ideas and seamlessly incorporating them into the client’s brief, we aim to minimize unnecessary revisions and ensure a smooth and efficient design process.

What type of luxury lighting are more in demand in India?

In India, the demand for contemporary lighting is growing. Classical chandeliers, however, remain popular and are part of local culture defined by luxury lifestyles, passed from one generation to the next. The trends evolve with each generation. Now, we are more focused on sustainability, wellbeing and smart technologies. So, for us it means that we have collections inspired by nature, creating beautiful organic designs while still being luxurious. We are also expert in metal nano-coating technology, this means we can play with colours in gold and silver and bring metallic effects. This helps us to be luxurious, but also contemporary and environmentally friendly. Also, of course, there is a demand for different vibrant colours in India.


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