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India – Nitin Kohli Home New Collection – ‘mǔ ài’ is an ode to Mother

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Interior designer Nitin Kohli revealed his latest collection ‘mǔ ài’, at his beautiful experience center ‘Nitin Kohli Homes’ (NKH) located in the Ambawatta Complex in Mehrauli, New Delhi. Convceived as an homage to his late mother, the designs pay tribute to her enduring influence, shaping his essence. This collection serves as an ode to her unyielding love, sacrifice, resilience, and elegance. Inspired by boundless love, the collection embodies protection, warmth, and timeless elegance, celebrating the universal language of motherly love.

Nitin Kohli Home stands out as a design company and operates a showhouse/retail store, specializing in both residential and commercial design. Nitin Kohli, the founder, and creative force behind the brand, is recognized for his enduring, modern, intimate, and explicit design approach. Having been in the business for over three decades, he has the pulse of the changing tastes and requirements of his clients. His designs are all about magnificence, extravaganza and grandeur.

 Speaking to The Luxury Chronicle at the launch venue, Nitin Kohli revealed that while some clients are clear about what they want,  often there are those that do not have a clear idea of their requirements, or are influenced by a catalogue or picture. In such cases it becomes his responsibility to ensure a good understanding of the process and put it across. He explained that the hand-holding process is most important for a happy end result, and he does not limit the time taken for this. According to Nitin Kohli, “Customers today are well aware of the look they want for their homes and about what they wish to achieve with a particular style of furniture. We at Nitin Kohli Home work towards translating their dreams into reality, by providing a wholesome experience that touches your soul”. Very profound words, but then, the intentions are rock solid.

The Nitin Kohli Home (NKH), the interior design and furniture manufacturing company is into high-end, luxurious interior solutions.  From designing of premises, manufacturing of top-of-the-line designer furniture to turnkey projects of high-end homes, offices and farms the brand has done it all. With an in-house design centre taking care of identifying  never-before-seen material, and a unit dedicated to stone works, metal works, fabric department, soft furnishings and glass works, Nitin Kohli Home offers a unique experience in the world of interiors.

Besides designing luxury home interiors, Nitin also ventured to his second passion – food with Cafe MAKA, which was incepted amidst the beginning of the pandemic in 2020. It is located in a quaint courtyard within the Ambawatta Complex in the vicinity of Qutub Minar. The menu is a dream for weight watchers, and serves a healthy range of low-cal vegan dishes and more. Considering Ambawatta is the chosen destination for wedding shopping, lunch break at MAKA is what the diet coach would approve.

Nitin attempts to capture the spirit of his times and engage in the exciting potential of a modern India. In his own words, “NKH gives me the freedom to express the confidence, power and attitude of today’s design world. It also gives me the opportunity to say something about the way I want our modern India to be.”

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