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WHY, WHERE & HOW – A masterclass on lighting solutions at ‘Innovative Design Studio’

New Delhi, India

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The most significant element of any space is light. When natural light has faded, we have it in our power to use artificial lighting solutions to our benefit. The most glamorous element that impacts interior design is good lighting. But the difficulty is in identifying appropriate options and finding the right ones. There is ceaseless innovation in the interior lighting space, and newer and better products are available. The trick is in finding it.

Recently, I got the opportunity to visit Innovative Design Group’s (IDG) newly launched ‘Innovative Design Studio’ (IDS) at their stunning experience center in Okhla, in the heart of New Delhi. The 5,600-sq ft studio space has provided a showcase of assorted light options for different venues and nooks. With dark, rustic interiors sans natural light has been created at the studio for clients to not only view, but also witness the magic of clever installation of lights. Floor lighting for entry, or lights that curve with the arch, special low lights for stairs, dramatic effect of a lighting strip under the stone bar top that makes it glow, lights for spotlighting artwork, and reading, or mood lighting – IDS is a good place for true design aficionados, to experience its exceptional lighting collection. The Innovative Design Group specializes in curating environments with its two dynamic & interconnected verticals – Innovative Lighting Designs Limited (ILDL) focusing on advanced architectural lighting and IDS which excels in the decorative lighting realm.

Under the leadership of CEO Aryaman Jain, the experience center showcases the handpicked collection, featuring exclusive partnerships with over 13 global brands. The double-height area showcases an installation Geometrics by Brokis, infusing an air of luxury. The masterfully crafted lights from Catalleni & Smith offer a glimpse into the transformative power of lighting in personal spaces. The center’s architectural design thoughtfully integrates each fixture. Some of the other brands showcased at the experience center include Axolight, Beau et Bien, Lobmeyr, Lumia, Multiforme, Salansky, Zafferano, Elite Bohemia, Martinellu Luce, Folio and Lorenzon.

Aryaman Jain went on to explain that beyond the external beauty or attractive design of the light fitting, it is important to keep in mind other factors too when planning. He pointed out that spotlight on a painting should not emit heat; or that bedside lighting or reading nooks light should not have glare. Lighting is directly connected to our moods, our sense of wellbeing. One should be careful not to use lights that emit harmful radiation. One got to understand better, the need for uniformity of illumination, shadows and contrast, need to eliminate glare. And how to do it. The IDS presented solutions and detailed options. And audiovisual presentation further showcased all that was not already here, including other large outdoor projects executed by IDLS.

The Innovative Design Group (IDG) was founded by Vikram Jain and Preety Jain, in 1993. Their experience and expertise has positioned IDG at the forefront of India’s decorative and architectural lighting industry, across South and Southeast Asia. The group’s diverse portfolio boasts lighting schemes for 500+ properties, from the Taj Mahal’s east entrance to the Sun Temple at Modhera and the Heritage City of Lucknow. Pranya Jain is the Chief Communication Officer at Innovative Design Studio (IDS), where she plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s communication strategy and brand development.


Aryaman Jain and Pranya Jain

Vikram Jain- Co-Founder IDS

Address: D-14, 9, Pocket D, Okhla Phase I, Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi, Delhi 110020

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