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India –Annual Taj Black Tie Charity Ball an elegant event for a worthy cause

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A classy evening of music, dance, art and sit-down dinners is reason enough to block the date for the annual Taj Black Tie Charity Ball, which has been announced to take place exactly one month from now, on 6th September, 2015 at the Taj Palace. Adding to the elegance, and an urgency to participate, is the cause that this event supports – India’s Unsung Heroes in Uniform.

The cause manifests itself annually as a gesture of gratitude towards our soldiers, who have made sacrifices and fought valiantly to safeguard our nation. It has been founded around the concept of contributing meaningfully through opportunities provided to their families or by addressing the soldier’s needs in more than simply monetary terms. It is an occasion that addresses a significant cause of public concern by engaging the guest, the capital’s crème de la crème, in support of a truly worthy cause-through contributions and promise of engagement.

The Taj Public Service Welfare Trust has interacted directly with the Commanding Officers of the Paraplegic Rehabilitation Centre (PRC), Mohali and the PRC – Kirkee, Pune, which are administered by Integrated HQ of Army, through the managing committee of respective Commands. Presently there are over 104 inmates staying with families, with an aim to support the patient and instil an urge in them to live.

contributions totalled INR 1,29,49,596 towards the unsung heroes programme. The objective of this initiative is to motivate the paraplegic and tetraplegic ex-servicemen and rehabilitate them by providing occupational training, vocational training and job placement if possible, to them or their spouses or children. To become a part of this celebration at the Taj Black Tie Charity Ball at the Taj Palace Hotel, your tribute is –

• 1.5 Lac for a premium table (9 Nos.) sold on a first come first serve basis
• Rs 1 Lac per other tables|
• Rs 10,000 per seat

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