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Go Vegan with Satvik Chef Prakarshi


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Now is a poignant moment in the history of mankind. Almost like a miracle, people are voluntarily shunning animal produce as food, even in the regions where the staple diet is primarily red meat, and turning vegans.  Reportedly, thus reducing destruction of wildlife by 66%, water consumption by 54% and reducing climate-heating emissions by 75%. And of course, not killing another living creature.

Satvik Chef Prakarshi Pulkit, CEO of PLANTMADE,

However, it is not easy to give up the urge for the flavors and convenience of the old staple favorites, an omelet, scrambled eggs, seekh kababs etc. The answer to this conundrum of the vegan lies in the enterprise of the well-known Satvik Chef Prakarshi Pulkit, CEO of PLANTMADE, India’s first plant-based egg company.  Intelligent, dynamic, and clearly a man with a heart that beats for all creatures big or small, he spoke at length to The Luxury Chronicle, generously sharing his journey and the processes.

Chef Prakarshi quit his engineering course and enrolled at WGSHA, Manipal to acquire his professional degree in culinary science. A fully trained chef, he is also a WFCL Level 2 Asia Topper (French Wine Sommeliers Guild). Going on to work in kitchens across most five-star hotels in the country, under top chefs, he subsequently turned professional consultant and supervised opening of more than 10 restaurants, bakery, QSR food cart brand across India et al. Somewhere along the way, he turned to veganism and became the Satvik Chef, with Plantmade.

What is the secret of PLANTMADE’s success?

Our focus on innovation and commitment to delivering high-quality plant-based alternatives led us to develop a superior product independently, driving the success of our company in the plant-based food industry.

Why the name ‘Satvik Chef’?

“Satvik Chef,” reflects a significant shift in my dietary choices and lifestyle. It captures this transformative journey, that represents not just a change in my personal eating habits but a commitment to promoting a more sustainable and compassionate approach to food.

How much research and effort goes into creating vegan alternatives of say, eggs or meat?

I can attest that it involves a substantial amount of research and effort. The process entails scientific expertise, culinary innovation, and a deep understanding of both traditional food production methods and the specific characteristics of the targeted animal-based products.

Identifying suitable plant-based ingredients that can mimic the texture, taste, and nutritional profile of eggs involves researching various plant sources, proteins, fats, and other components to achieve a comparable product. It is essential to get the formulation right, which entails experimenting with ratios and cooking methods etc. Also ensuring that the vegan alternative provides a similar nutritional profile to the original product is essential.

What about quality check?

Continuous feedback from potential consumers during the product development phase helps in refining the formulation and addressing any taste, texture, or functionality concerns. Beyond taste and nutrition, there is focus on sustainability. Researching and selecting ingredients with lower environmental impact is an important aspect of creating ethical and eco-friendly alternatives. We ensure regulatory compliance. Adhering to food safety and labeling regulations is critical. Ensuring that the vegan alternative meets all necessary standards and certifications is essential for market acceptance.

Are there plans to introduce new products?

Staying abreast of market trends and technological advancements in plant-based food production is crucial. This helps in not only meeting current consumer demands but also anticipating future preferences.

The creation of vegan alternatives is a dynamic and evolving process that requires collaboration between food scientists, chefs, and other experts. The goal is to offer products that not only satisfy the taste buds of consumers but also align with ethical, health, and environmental considerations.

How similar is the egg substitute in terms of texture and taste and nutrition value?

The Plantmade Anda Powder is designed to offer a compelling alternative to traditional eggs. Visually it is 99% like an egg, and the aroma and taste reach approximately 70% of the authentic experience.  In terms of texture and taste, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from various stakeholders, including food technologists, chefs, and customers.

Many consumers have expressed their satisfaction, noting that our products closely resemble the texture and appearance of real eggs, and some said they couldn’t discern a noticeable difference between our plant-based alternative and conventional eggs.

What about the Nutrition factor?

Our focus on nutrition sets us apart. From a nutritional standpoint, our product surpasses traditional chicken eggs, providing a healthier option for those conscious about their dietary choices. Taste preferences can be subjective, and some individuals may have reservations about the taste of ingredients like beans or lentils.

What made you decide to go to Delhi IIT for the innovation of these vegan alternatives? How did that pan out?

The founder of our company, Mr.Rahul Dewan approached IIT Delhi. This was about a year before my involvement in the project. A significant investment was made in the project, with IIT Delhi committing to deliver 10 patents for various plant-based products. However, they took two years to produce one prototype, which unfortunately could not be scaled up for larger production batches.

I became part of the project a year later, after connecting with my co-founder through IIT, joining the effort to develop sustainable and ethical alternatives to animal-based products. Recognizing the limitations of the initial research, I dedicated an additional year to improving the prototype and successfully commercialized the product using small-batch production.

We developed our own significantly superior variant, which cost much less, demonstrated better scalability, higher yield, improved taste, superior texture, and increased functionality compared to the IIT prototype. In essence, we achieved far more with only 1/20th of the investment made at IIT. Sadly, it was IIT that received awards and recognitions for their involvement in the project.

What about the vegan meat alternatives like lamb, seekh kababs etc?

The response from our consumers to our vegan gourmet lamb seekh kababs, nuggets, keema, and other products has been overwhelmingly positive. Over the past three years, we have witnessed significant growth, having sold approximately 1 ton of plant-based food. However, in the past three months alone, our sales have surpassed 4 tons, underscoring the increasing demand and popularity of our products in the market. Our products have garnered traction and appreciation from both individual customers and HORECA (Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering) operators.

Which is the most popular?

Among our diverse product range, the most popular items are the Veg Anda (plant-based egg), Non-dairy Creamer, and Crispy Fingers. These products have resonated exceptionally well with consumers, reflecting their preference for both taste and nutrition in our plant-based offerings.

Do you also cater to vegetarians, or flexitarians along with vegans?

As of now, all our products are completely free from dairy, and we have not incorporated dairy-based ingredients such as ghee, butter, or yogurt into our product portfolio. Our product line features dairy alternatives to provide a diverse range of choices for those who prefer plant-forward and cruelty-free options.

Looking ahead, we are not averse to considering the inclusion of dairy in our products in the future. However, our strategic approach involves tackling one aspect at a time. As we continue to evolve and grow, we will carefully assess market demands and preferences to make informed decisions about expanding our product offerings.

Avocado Toast with a Twist

You already have more than 25 varieties of innovative vegan products. Are there plans to add more?

Absolutely, innovation is at the core of our approach, and I am constantly driven to think about new and exciting vegan products that would resonate with our customers. We have conducted extensive groundwork for potential new products, including competitive set analysis and identifying categories with market gaps. Once we reach the desired revenue levels and establish a strong market presence, we will revisit our product development plans and continue to introduce exciting and high-quality vegan products to meet the evolving demands of our consumers.

How do you make time for your passion of being a chef, along with running a demanding business?

I engage with my culinary passion by conducting numerous product demos at our B2B customer locations, conducting lectures and demos for hospitality professionals and culinary trainers. Cooking at home provides a more personal and creative space where I can experiment with new recipes, flavors, and techniques. This helps me stay connected to the joy of cooking.

Lastly, creating recipe videos for our social media channels provides a creative outlet and allows me to connect with our audience on a more personal level. It’s a fun and interactive way to showcase the versatility of plant-based ingredients and inspire others to explore plant-based cooking.

Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

What does the Satvik Chef do for relaxation?

I carve out a small part of my day to unwind by watching documentaries and TV shows. I’m fortunate to be part of a rock band, and we gather once a week for practice, creating music together. Additionally, I engage in MMA training three days a week, proudly holding a green belt.

Occasionally, I indulge in some gaming on my PS4, typically once a month, allowing me to escape into a different realm for a bit. Dining out is a simple joy I cherish, exploring different culinary experiences. I also find great joy in hosting friends at home and preparing meals for them, merging my passion for food with moments of shared laughter and connection. These simple activities play a vital role in keeping me grounded and refreshed amidst the demands of pioneering in the plant-based food industry.

PLANTMADE products can be ordered online on www.plantmade.in  and on Amazon

For latest updates and recipe demo instructions by the Satvik Chef,
visit the PLANTMADE’s Instagram and Youtube links.




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