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India – Kamal Haasan’s label KH House of Khaddar launches Loominaire – Spring / Summer

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KH House of Khaddar has launched a new spring-summer collection called ‘LOOMINAIRE’ which is a parade of sartorial mastery. The two-year-old khadi brand by the film star Kamal Haasan, KH House of Khaddar, has established itself as a leading sustainable fashion label renowned for its commitment to India’s heritage craftsmanship and eco-conscious practices. At the time of the launch of KH House of Khaddar, Mr Haasan had emphasized that ‘Khadi can do all that linen can do and more’

The Loominaire collection draws inspiration from the natural world, with a colour palette that reflects a deep connection to the earth and its surroundings. From the tranquil greens of pine and needle to the organic richness of lilac and chocolate brown, each hue evokes a specific emotion, resonating with the wearer’s individuality. The bold accents of red and yellow inject energy and vibrancy into the collection, adding a modern dynamism that sets it apart.

At the heart of Loominaire lies the interplay of traditional Khadi fabric with sleek, modern silhouettes, resulting in a harmonious blend of heritage and innovation. Each garment is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, showcasing the exquisite craftsmanship that defines the KH House of Khaddar brand.

“Loominaire is a celebration of tradition, a symphony of colours, and a statement of individuality,” said Amritha Ram, Creative Director of the label. “We invite our customers to embrace the timeless allure and effortless sophistication of our classic suiting, curated to elevate their style with understated elegance.”


The multi-talented Amritha Ram is a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. Besides being a renowned fashion designer in the Indian film industry, she has also worked as a television host, as well as directing and producing onstage dance shows..

Amritha Ram, Creative Director

About KH House of Khaddar: Kamal Haasan House of Khaddar is a clothing line of authentic handloom blended with Indian heritage and western designs and silhouettes. The label works directly with the weavers and various craft communities across the state including block makers, printers, and G.I.-certified clusters. Blending western silhouettes with Indian techniques is what sets the brand apart. The label is putting together Khadi outfits that have a refreshing take on what Khadi is usually synonymous with; dull, boring, or just too Indian. Keeping away from traditional silhouettes, the label attempts to bring the fabric into a completely new light that is elegant, majestic yet trendy.


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