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Renovation Factory launches Design Gallery

Gurugram, India

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The home and interior design brand, Renovation Factory, has expanded its digital retail space with the launch of its brick and mortar Design Gallery in Gurugram’s Udyog Vihar Phase 2. The 40,000 sqft area houses a large gallery space on the upper floor to showcase its specialized lightings, furniture, barware and home accents. Assorted nooks representing various home segments across living rooms, lounge, leisure, library, dining, study, become the  appropriate setting to showcase a range of consoles, center tables, peg tables, coffee tables, shelving units, bar carts et al. Chandeliers, pendant lamps, assortments of table and floor lamps, along with other accoutrements such as candle stands, serving trays, even cake caddies and cloche sets are tastefully displayed. The newly introduced customizable designer metal doors are also part of the setting. Mirrors require a special mention, in their artistic wall ornament roles. The venue also houses the product prototype designing department on the lower floors, where a large 45-member team of product designers, engineers is at work, with the latest machinery. The gallery space is a good facility for architects and interior designers and such. 

The Renovation Factory is founded by Rahul Vadera, who comes with the expertise and background of the second generation in a 60-year-old legacy of a production house for design and manufacturing for some of the top design labels in US, UK and Middle East. Sharing his vision and mantra for the new brand Renovation Factory that is for the home market in India, Rahul Vadera says, “Quality is an attitude that is inherent in the company’s bloodline. Quality should not be demanded; it should be supplied. When that is combined with innovative design and luxury, a new idea shines through. Our idea of design is getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. We are not reinventing the chair, but we are making it more comfortable, and that’s a bigger challenge. It is an amalgamation of high-tech and very hand crafted”

As shared by Vadera, the parent company started out in 1963 as a garage making bumpers for Ambassador Cars, and expanded their expertise in dealing with metal, went on to become manufacturers for leading furniture and interior brands across the globe. Even as they continue with their large scale manufacturing, Rahul Vadera added a segment to penetrate the Indian market. Speaking about his immediate plans, he said, “We will be introducing 40-50 new products on our .com website every month, so there is something new every time. Our old products will also all be there.”


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