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Afternoon at the Cinqtuair Spa at The Claridges

The transformation is stunning. The Claridges, in the heart of Lutyens Delhi, has shed its old dowager drabness and is sparkling with new timeless grandeur. The recently refurbished restaurant Pickwick, with its glass wall facing the driveway, is to be experienced at leisure to truly appreciate this ode to Charles Dickens. Go up the sweeping stairway to Erawaan for Thai cuisine, and to also admire the Thai art inspired by the Ramayana. The many bars for different moods, open air dining, also the ones for Chinese and Indian, the bakery now in its new avatar in its own dedicated space, there is a lot that is new, and if it was there earlier, one did not notice it.

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A few weeks ago, I visited The Claridges’ new Cinqtuair Spa. Straight through the arrival lounge, resisting the temptation to sit on the recently added antique high-back mahogany seaters, past the check-in counters, around the forest of fragrant white roses and pink tiger lilies, pausing a moment to take in the bright and welcoming new restaurant Lutyens, cheerful pink table covers matching the shades of the lillies,  a lunch and dinner zone, in proximity to the Ye Old Bakery behind it, moving on –  turn right and then left and down the corridor, keep walking. Candles, mild fragrance of marigolds, dim lights – Cinqtuair Spa.

Couples Therapy Room

Couple’s Therapy in progress

Clearly, Claridges’ Cinqtuair Spa has not missed a step, in offering a 360º holistic health and wellness experience. The spa menu lists cutting-edge treatments that include Normatec Compression Therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Cryo EMS, and Red Light Therapy, incorporating the latest trends in health and wellness. These treatments are designed to promote relaxation, recovery, and overall well-being. Additionally, their use of oxygen and advanced equipment enhances the spa experience, making it a top choice for those seeking modern and effective wellness treatments.

Potli Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

The ancient and age old techniques are all there too.  Besides the usual range of Ayurveda massages like Shirodhara, Kizhi Potali, Abhyangam, Pizhichil treatment, there are trained therapists also for Swedish massage, Thai Yoga


massage, Balinese traditional massages. Navigating the choices I debated going for the familiar, over the new exoic.  Chinese Yin Yang Aromatherapy Massage sounded interesting but not enough. Moisturizing Candle massage uses dripping wax from soy candles! I have promised myself to return for these body treatments sometime soon – perhaps go for Kokum Honey and Butter Wrap first. Or perhaps undergo scrubbing next time with either the Cane Sugar and Tamarind Body Polisher, or Hydrating Sea Salt and Crystal Rose Body Polisher. A combination of therapies, listed as Rituals, offer Sleep Well Journey, Pathway to Rejuvenation, Equilibrium of Life. This was promised Nirvana.  

I finally settled for the Cinqtuair Signature Massage – a combination of aromatherapy and Balinese massage. My therapist, Nisha Vishwakarma was excellent. That she has 14 years’ experience was evident. I liked that they used only Forrest Essentials oils and creams.

Red Light Therapy

Normatec Compression Therapy

Ms Attreyi at the spa recommended that I should go for the Red-Light Therapy before the massage, and definitely wrap it up post the therapies with a minimum 10 minutes soak in the Oxy bath tubs provided in each room. Taking her advise I headed to another floor below, for the Red-Light Therapy. Special chambers for Red Light Therapy use low wavelength red light to improve all facets of the skin’s appearance. It’s said to smooth out texture like fine lines and wrinkles, soften scars and even prevent acne.  With full faith in the promised results, I did also soak in the oxy tub after. The therapeutic Oxy bath delivers bursts of oxygen nanobubbles into the water, gradually infusing it with these powerful molecules. As the oxygen molecules fill the tub, they provide intense moisturizing and hydration benefits to the skin. Yep…I think the magic was showing on my skin. Or was it? It definitely felt right.

HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy)

CRYO EMS (electric muscle stimulation)

The use of oxygen to rejuvenate, repair and heal has already gained popularity worldwide a few years ago. Celebrities and sportsman like Tiger Woods, Madonna, Justin Bieber, Christiano Ronaldo, Beyonce, to name just a few, have been regular with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and oxygen-based spa treatments. Spouting health benefits like muscle recovery, immune health, wound healing, metabolic boosts, anti-aging, and more, these therapies prove to have some major health benefits. Indian film stars such as Anil Kapoor, Tiger Shroff and many others have gone on record to benefitting from this. The sheer convenience of finding it all in the pleasent ambience of a five star hotel, and with attractive options to follow it up with a leisurely coffee or dinnner or lunch or a meeting…choices are a plenty.

The Cinqtuair Spa is open from 9AM to 9PM.
A tip – do check at the reception of The Claridges for any discounts-of-the-day on offer for the Cinqtuair.


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