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An Intriguing Detour from Traditional Galleries: ARTIX announces its sequel

Hyderabad, India

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ARTIX 2 will showcase 75 artists in total, over 15 galleries, 09 solo shows, including international artists from the United States, Private Collector, jewellery designers, textile designers and many more. There will be almost 350 works of art from artists from all India displayed at the art fair.

Obeetee Carpets at Artix

As the connoisseur of art, Artix transcends the lines and invites everyone to immerse themselves in an explosion of creativity. It is a revolutionary platform that redefines the convergence of art and artisans, textiles and weaves, tribal art, and luxury. As the second edition of the Artix unfolds towards charitable causes, this Hotel Art Fair proposes to incomparable odyssey into the worlds of ingenuity and splendor, challenging the conventional standards of art galleries. The exhibition will take place spanning March 16–17, 2024, at  HOTEL THE PARK,  22, Raj Bhavan Rd, Somajiguda, Hyderabad,  Telangana.

The beds from Hotel rooms shall be removed where floors and rooms will be transformed into exclusive showcase areas that exude the creative energy of artists and artistry. The splendid, astounding collection will be revealed on Artix’s inaugural display, which is followed by an extravagant preview party. This groundbreaking and iconic hotel art fair spanning all of India will pave the way for greater prospects for collectors in the years to come. Artix is a manifestation of a carefully chosen collection of artwork, live installations, and interaction with the creative minds influencing the trajectory of the art world.

Anchal Garg Art Images at Artix

Textile collection by Tarina at Artix

This ultra-sophisticated alpha affair, an amalgamation of art meets luxury is the result of the determination and drive of the artistic minds of Payal Kapoor, Malvika Poddar, and Sethu Vaidyanathan who seek to bring about a revolution in the art world. The conceptualization of this artistic venture aimed to blend the indigenous and global art and artists to glorify the grandeur of tradition and heritage and furnish a platform for the art enthusiasts and collectors to delve deeper in the ocean of art and associated verticals.

TEA FOR TWO ALL – GOLD image by Raseel Gujral at Artix

Payal Kapoor Co founder says, “Artix edition 2 is an art fair with a twist where the hotel room becomes an art space where the buyer and seller can get to know each other and imagine art like how it would be in their own spaces . It’s more intimate than usual art fairs where the eye does not get a break easily . The luxurious feel relaxed the buyer and seller.”

ART image by Art Magnum at Artix

Archana Aggarwal jewellery at Artix

Malvika Poddar Co founder says, “Artix’s second edition blends luxury with art, transforming hotel rooms into unique gallery spaces. This distinctive hotel art fair offers an intimate setting, allowing buyers and sellers to connect, fostering a relaxed atmosphere that enhances the appreciation of art. The event explores the intersection where luxury meets creativity, creating a sophisticated platform for art enthusiasts and collectors.”

Art Centrix space image at Artix

Mr Sethu Vaidyanathan Co founder says  “Artix 2.0 is more than just an event,” says Sethu Vaidyanathan. “It’s a manifestation of exquisitely selected artwork, live installations, and experiences that reshape the contours of the field of art and pave the way for an era in which artistic talent has no bounds. The unique showcase spaces will enable a dynamic display of artists’ innovative spirit and their creations.”

The Gathering art image by Simran Lamba at Artix

It aspires to become India’s pioneering travelling art fair after Delhi and Now in Hyderabad with plans to extend its reach to Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, and worldwide.

Event Date – 16th – 17th March, 2024 (Open to all)
Time – 12 – 09pm
Venue –   HOTEL THE PARK, 04th Floor 22, Raj Bhavan Rd, Somajiguda,  Hyderabad,  Telangana.

About Artix –
Artix is a first-of-its-kind pan-Indian hotel art exhibition that has a successful first edition and a second edition on the way, rekindles the world of art and creates an influx of art enthusiasts by transforming places into immersive artistic experiences. Artix, driven by the spirit of boundless artistic ability and feelings, breathes commitment into every swarm of strokes. It serves as a platform for expressive artistic endeavours and unlimited vision that transcends all boundaries.


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