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Italy – Gucci Collectors focus of Fall-Winter 2018 Campaign

gucci-winter-collectionsThis season, Gucci’s tribe of outsiders is imagined as a group of obsessive collectors of art and artefacts. The inspiration for the campaign comes from those eccentric personalities who passionately seek out paintings, antiques, rare objects and other vintage collectibles. Often, these people build shrines to their collections; historically, these private hobbies have occasionally led to the creation of museums or foundations. The images here are an intimate exploration of this phenomenon, suggesting the appeal of idiosyncratic curation.

They also champion the notion that those who the mainstream often considers to be oddballs are frequently the most interesting and creative people, and that true individuality is a badge of pride.

Set in rooms dedicated to a variety of collections, each image contains a character surrounded by their carefully amassed objects. The effect is a window into a series of intensely personal worlds, where abundance and personal passion are in the spotlight.


The narrative is expanded in a film through which the viewer discovers each character and the hoarded objects they have accumulated. The action culminates with this family of collectors gathering together for a joyful, bizarre and opulent banquet.


Creative Director: Alessandro Michele
Art Director: Christopher Simmonds
Photographer and Director: Glen Luchford
Hair Stylist: Paul Hanlon
Make-up Artist: Yadim Carranza 


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