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India –Hästens opens its second store on MG Road Delhi

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hastensThe Swedish luxury bed brand Hästens Sanger AB recently opened its second Delhi store at MG Road, New Delhi. Present at the store launch were Hästens’ Regional Director Ludovic Letrillart, Ms Josa Karre, Counsellor, Trade, Economic & Cultural Affairs, Swedish Embassy Delhi, Asim Afsar, Country Head-Hästens India, Sachin Mehta, Managing Partner. The 2000 sqft store was a perfect showcase of the brand, divided in zones to first inform the visitor about all that goes into making this fantastic bed, the natural materials, the artisanal personal touch painstakingly put together by hand, the various layers of the bed made of wool, cotton, down, horsehair. Best of all is the Sleep Zone, where the darkened room with dark walls displays the various beds by Hästens, including the one with a remote-operated recliner function. The visitor is encouraged to lie down and experience for him or herself, the comfort level of the brand. After all, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I had to apply some will power to not sprawl out and take a long snooze, being on the job and all that.

ludovic-letrillartThe big spoilsport at the almost perfect setting was the fluctuating power situation, where the electricity kept tripping or was in low voltage, not enough to cool the Sleep Zone to a comfortable level on this very hot afternoon. The situation laid bare the conundrum faced by brands on the availability of a suitable retail space – a luxury mall with very high rentals or the high street with poor infrastructure. In 2012, Hästens had opened its first store in flagship showroom at the DLF South Court Mall, Delhi, which never had the desired buzz or footfalls, and shut that outlet. The other store is located in Defense Colony, which has emerged as the luxury street.

Asim Afsar, Manager (India) Hästens, aptly pointed out the many benefits of a good sleep, and how a Hästens bed is most suited for ensuring the sleep is deep. He said, “India is a sleep deprived nation. The present urban young generation, especially the mid-age is facing lot of sleep related health issues. Sleep makes one third of our life and it reflect on the balance two third. It’s high time we invest in sleep to better perform when we are awake”.


Ludovic Letrillart, Regional Director (IMEA), Hästens , said, “We just had a fantastic day today at the opening of the new Hästens flagship store at MG Road, Delhi. The visitors thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of the new beds, infact it was a very new experience for many of the guests and we can foresee several opportunities to make more and more people aware of a Good Night’s Sleep and a great Awake Time. We are looking forward to opening more such stores in India in key metros in near future. Indian customers are highly demanding on quality and conscious about using natural eco-friendly materials and these are key elements that we, at Hästens, are focusing on , hence there is a perfect match between customer demand and our offering”.

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