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India / England – Artist Lakwena adds colour to Beefeater Gin limited edition ‘Spirit of London’ bottles

The London-based urban artist Lakwena Maciver’s artistic signature colours that are bright and eye-catching, can now be seen on some Beefeater Gin bottles.

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Beefeater x Lakwena

The collaboration is for a limited-edition series that showcases “The Spirit of London” in a vibrant and multicultural explosion of colour, encapsulating the essence of the city Beefeater calls home.

Lakwena, a visionary artist celebrated for her urban metamorphosis of cityscapes with bold colors and inspiring mottos, has lent her unparalleled artistic flair to Beefeater. Her dynamic designs and clashing color palettes have bestowed a jaw-dropping transformation upon Beefeater London Dry’s limited-edition label, delivering a bottle that exudes optimism and verve.

We Mix and Blend

We Move and Shake

We Work and Play

In addition to this captivating bottle, Lakwena has conceived three uplifting mottos, echoing the values that define “The Spirit of London” from her perspective:

  • We Mix and Blend: London is a melting pot of cultures, flavors, sights, and sounds—a place where the magic happens when diversity converges, much like the creation of a perfect gin cocktail.

  • We Work and Play: London is a city of boundless opportunities, where people from around the world come to chase their dreams while enjoying the vibrant nightlife. This motto captures the relentless energy of a city where work ethic is matched only by its zest for play.
  • We Move and Shake: London’s history is a tale of resilience and transformation, reflecting the adaptability and tenacity of its inhabitants in the face of constant change.

“London is my home – it’s such a dynamic and eclectic city, which is what makes it so unique. The energy of its people is what I believe makes up the true Spirit of London. Partnering with Beefeater to create the limited-edition bottle allowed me to tell a story of the capital which looks beyond the grey of concrete and weather; we’re putting a spotlight on the moments of optimism and verve, to truly reflect the bold culture that makes our home so globally renowned.”

The Beefeater and Lakwena is now available in India priced INR 2,000



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