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India – IBTIDA- Ek Mehfil hosts Annual festival ‘Jhoom’ with Renowned Artist Rekha Bhardwaj at Amaara Farms on 13th January 2024

New Delhi,

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Rekha Bhardwaj

Delhi’s rather drab winter cultural scape is set to perk up with the upcoming event ‘Jhoom’ by ‘IBTIDA-Ek Mehfil’, on Saturday 13th January 2024 at Amaara Farms, where the renowned artist Rekha Bhardwaj will regale the audience with her mellifluous singing. IBTIDA-Ek Mehfil’s ‘Jhoom’ is an annual festival celebrating the revival of mehfils and baithaks. This cultural intellectual property is the vision of Tanvi Singh Bhatia and Anubhav Jain that has brought back the revival & tradition of Mehfils & Baithaks with a curated kaleidoscopic view of music, poetry & art along with a confluence of thoughts, stories, and melodies. The duo has held & organized multiple mehfils and baithaks across India and found strength & support through artists from Kavita Seth, Rekha Bhardwaj, Manjari Chaturvedi and many more.

IBTIDA – Ek Mehfil  was created in 2019 to be a platform that supports the underserved Make in India brands, classical artists, artisans, and historical sites. Their purpose included changing the perception of ‘events’ in the city; Ibtida blends together art textile, lost recipes, spirits, and aesthetic to create immersive experiences that tell stories of old-world charm & culture celebrating the Make in India

IBTIDA- Ek Mehfil

The magical setting of the venue is under the sprawling banyan tree and beneath the glittering stars that illuminate the night sky of Delhi.  “Jhoom” invites attendees to dance and immerse themselves in the emotions of love, longing, and Sufism. This mehfil promises an experience where the past and present collide, sharing forgotten melodies and old-world charm. As a cultural revivalist, IBTIDA – Ek Mehfil has not only created a platform for cultural experiences but has also become a community that celebrates the magic of Mehfils & Baithaks, bringing strangers together in awe of soulful music

Tanvi Singh Bhatia- Founder and Curator, IBTIDA – Ek Mehfil

Renowned playback singer Rekha Bhardwaj needs no introduction. With a career spanning over numerous superhit Bollywood songs, Rekha Bhardwaj is celebrated for her distinctive singing style and multilingual prowess. Having won the Global Indian Music Award for the Best Duet (for the song Kabira with Tochi Raina) and a National Award for ‘Badi Dheere Jali’ from the movie Ishqiya, Rekha has mesmerized audiences with over 500 concerts worldwide.

Where: Amaara Farms, A-12, Main, Chattarpur Mandir Rd, Bhatti Kalan, New Delhi, Delhi 110074
When: 13th January 2024
Timings: 7 PM onwards
Entry: Rs 5999 Onwards

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